Clinton in the South – Birmingham, Alabama (CNN)Nearly 44 years after Hillary Clinton visited this state as a law student, the cruel injustices of  its past still lingering, she walked onto the campus of historically black Miles College and delivered a message: I haven’t forgotten.

“Among the common barriers we still have to knock down is systemic racism,” Clinton told rallygoers on February 27.
Her pitch worked: Three days later, on primary day, Alabama delivered Clinton her second-biggest margin of victory in the 2016 primaries — 78% of the vote. Her biggest margin of victory in a primary was in nearby Mississippi, another state with a large African-American population. She has no chance of winning either state in November.  Full Story


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  1. Regardless, the average Southern state for which we have exit poll data has a differential between moderate and very liberal voters that’s about twice that of states in the Midwest.

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