Candidates, August 1, 2017 Primary, Wyandotte County

The Candidates:

Unified Government Mayor

David Alvey
David Haley
Mark R. Holland
D. Keith Jordan
Janice Grant Witt

Unified Government Commission District 5

John T. Fotovich
Mike Kane
Sarah Kremer

Unified Government Commission District 7

George Cooper
Jim A. Gibson
Jim Walters

WyCo Sheriff:

Donald Ash

Charles W. Bunnell

Marvin L. Main

Celisha Towers

Victor Webb


Thomas W. Groneman

Kevin Braun

Mary Gonzales

Bryan Messmer

Nikole C. Owens

Ryan Eidson

John C. Martindale

USD 500 Board of Education candidates:

Maxine Drew

Wanda Brownlee Paige

Stacy Yeager

Ms. Maria Cecilia Ysaac

Rick Behrens

Harold Brown

Janey Humphries

Korri Hall Thompson

Irene Caudillo

Joseph A. Straws, III


Evelyn Criswell

Thomas G. Earp

Colton J. Gibson

Linda Hoskins Sutton

Janice L. McIntyre

Leslie Smith KCKCC

Christal Watson

Rosalyn K. Brown

Tyrone Garner


USD 202, Board of education candidates :

Joy D. Beery

Jeff Davidson

Steve Russell

Daniel Soptic

USD 203, Board of Education candidates:

John Bakarich, III

Benjamin J. Bradley

Desiree Fergus

Theresa Fisette

Jesse Smith

USD 204 Board of Education candidates :

Kimberly Beets

John H. Claxton

Jeff Tinberg

David J. Toland

Bonner Springs City Council member candidates:

Jordan M. Mackey

Patricia E. Welicky

Tom Stephens

Rodger Shannon

Joe Peterson

Edwardsville City Council candidates:

Carolyn Caiharr

Jason T. Gillam

Margaret Shriver

Edwardsville Mayor Candidate:

John “Tiny” McTaggart


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  1. Kevin Braun is the first best choice to return BPU back to affordable utilities, instead of a hidden tax agent for the U.G.

    Jim Gibson for commission district 7 is a hard working non politician wanting to bring representation to the people of that district. Since consolidation, the people of district 7 have been paying more and getting less in return. Ironically when Jim filed to run against Walters, who is Hollands rubber stamp, Cooper tried to coerce him not to run. When Jim wouldn’t drop out, Cooper filed to run, WHY? maybe a puppet to split the vote? The threat to the status quo is no more evident than Jims campaign signs being stolen in record number. I wonder who the ARCHITECT of that immature nonsense could be.

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