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It all starts with a primary

A non-partisan primary election will be held throughout Wyandotte County on August 1, 2017, including Kansas City, Ks, Bonner Springs, and Edwardsville.

In non-partisan primaries, two candidates are elected from a group of three or more candidates to compete in a general election (November 7, 2017).

In simple terms, the primary election thins the herd to only two candidates for each elected office.

August 1, 2017 is next Tuesday.


The two candidates who win the primary race for an elected office then re-launch their campaign  until the general election is held on Nov. 7, 2017.  One of those two candidates will emerge the winner and take office at a date set by the organization (city, school, BPU board, etc.).


If you are a registered voter in Wyandotte County, you are eligible to vote in the upcoming non-partisan primary, August 1, 2017.


The ballot is specific to certain electoral districts. Regardless of how a voter or candidate is registered (Republican, Democrat, Independent); all registered voters in the county are eligible to vote for any of the candidates on the ballot.  At-large candidates are (generally) voted for by all voters in the county/district.


Voter turnout for primary elections in Wyandotte County hovers around eight percent (8%).  With so few people choosing the candidates for a general election, the UG Insider’s Club easily maintains a stranglehold on the county.

In simple terms, because not enough registered voters are willing to drive a few blocks and pencil in a few check marks by candidate’s names every couple of years, The Dotte remains a high-crime, high-taxed, unhealthy and mostly poor county. 

Dottians do, however, consistently bring home the Trifecta Trophy for Whining, Moaning and Complaining. The dichotomy is apparently lost on the voters in the Dotte but it’s certainly good fortune for the UG Insider’s Club.



In simple terms, people don’t vote much but they complain constantly. There is plenty wrong in the Dotte.

Some examples are this and this and this and this…and it just goes on and on.

As a result of low voter turnout, backroom negotiations on how best to redistribute our shrinking paychecks remain standard fare in the Dotte.  Examples (thanks to the Mayor, city commissioners and board members of BPU) include the recent purchase of a minor league baseball stadium, payment of past-due utility bills for a private business(es), and the unethical practice of choosing “special” business partners per the diktats of the covert Protect the Partnership organization.

The rest of us are stuck with GofundMe accounts to try to cover our emergency bills. Or, if the electricity is shut off and the kids are hungry and grandma’s hospital bed isn’t working quite right without power and your hotdogs are thawing out quicker than you can eat them, you can jump through 85 flaming hoops to have the United Way pay your past due bill, but only once, and only if you can skip work for a day to gather the necessary paperwork to make that happen. Shame you can’t get the taxpayers to pay it for you, but, you know, you aren’t part of the Protected Partnership. You’re just a voter. Or not.

In simple terms, we have an important election next Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

The following is information about the election and polling locations. If you aren’t registered, it’s too late. Just carry on complaining. If you are registered and you don’t vote, you need to surrender your bitching license. You’ve lost your platform.

Candidates running for office in the upcoming primary election, August 1, 2017, as well as links to voter information




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