“It’s Sad That Wyandotte Voters Accept Corruption” ~ Janice Witt

Calling Janice Witt an interesting character may be the understatement of the century, but it’s safe to say if you live in KCK, it’s good to have her on speed dial. When something goes wrong in the community and Witt finds out about it, the incident receives immediate and widespread coverage.  And a solution, one way or another.

Holland’s church delivers invaders to terrorize a family on private property

Born and raised in Wyandotte County, Witt holds two degrees, runs a small business, and has previously campaigned for public office.  She operates Reola Grant Civitan Center, feeding thousands of people annually who would otherwise not eat–especially faced with whether to pay the BPU electric bill or buy groceries.  One thing is certain, Witt knows the Dotte.  She’s thrown her hat in the mayor’s race this year to unseat The Reverend Mark Holland.

Comparing the UG method of governing to a game of Monopoly, Witt says her message has not changed in thirteen years, “We need to stop the corruption, stop giving away things of value in the County, stop the money-bleed.  We need to stop the monopoly of jobs in WyCo with the nepotism and favoritism that is destroying our community.”

Among the top items Witt will change when elected is the atmosphere of poor customer service throughout the UG, “The job of UG employees includes being nice to the people they work for.  If you can’t be nice, you can’t work here. There are lots of people looking for jobs, “she said.

Asked how she is different from the current mayor, Witt said, “In every way.”  She also said she supports re-opening the Woodlands and does not support the covert Protect the Partnership organization, led by ex-Mayor Carol Marinovich and supported by Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore. “I protect the people of the community,” Witt said.

“The way it’s currently used 90 percent of the time is as private detail for our mayor.” (Ann Murguia)

Witt laughed when asked if she would require the same $250,000 in security as the mayor, as well as a taxpayer-funded home security system, “I am not doing my job if I need $250,000 in security. That is a failure.”

“Wyandotte County will look very different when I’m elected,” Witt said. “People should not be ashamed to say they are from KCK.  That can easily be fixed.”

Witt says her list of priorities is:

  • Stop Spending, Cut the fat, and lower property taxes.
  • Change of atmosphere, Social Enrichment, Customer Service.
  • Standardization of BPU practices and clarification of charges to the community.
  • Voting rights returned to the citizens of WYCO by reviewing of the Charter and evaluation of Best Practices.

The Wyandotte County Primary is Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  School boards, county commissioners, the BPU board, and Mayor/CEO are the offices up for grabs.  With few exceptions, the candidates are familiar faces in the Dotte. It may be just another round of musical chairs among the WyCo Insider’s Club.

Witt, Gibson, Braun and Fotovich are the holdouts, the only candidates who offer real change and real solutions in the Dotte.

By most measures, Witt is easily a campaign manager’s worst nightmare–outspoken, provocative, and demanding. Precisely the change that Wyandotte County needs.  Witt sees it too, “I don’t fit in with the political class.  I’m not a peg you can fit in a board. My audience is human.”

Indian Springs Public Meeting–Sans the current Mayor.

KCKCC Forum, BPU Board, Position 1


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  1. These are the only choices if the voters want real change. Will voters vote for the change they have asked for, or will they Protect the Puppetship? I hope we get real change.

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