Kelly Voted No To Woodlands Racetrack

Image result for Horse raceWyandotte County voters who have not yet pulled the lever in the Governor’s race may want to take note that one candidate on the ticket has worked to keep the Woodlands Racetrack shuttered.

88% of all Wyandotte County voters, Democrats and Republicans alike, approved slots at the Woodlands Racetrack. So, why did the track close shortly after the vote? Simple. Senate bill 66 requires the Woodlands to pay 75% of gaming revenue in taxes and fees.

Privately owned racetrack – 75% taxes


  1. 40% tax to State of Kansas
  2. 15% to State of Kansas For Gaming expenses
  3. 3% to City & County
  4. 2% to Problem Gambling
  5. 14% to horse and dog purses
  6. 1% to Kansas Horse Fair
  7. $2500 privilege fee per slot machine

State Owned Casino — 27% taxes


  1. 22% to state
  2. 3% to City & County
  3. 2% to Problem Gambling
  4. One time privilege fee


SB 427, introduced during the last legislative session, would have lowered the tax rate paid by the Woodlands to the same rate as Hollywood. The bill failed by a 20-17 vote. Sen. Laura Kelly voted NO to the woodlands. Please consider her position when voting for Kansas Governor.


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