Davids Visits Kansas


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KCK elected representatives (seated)

A handful of critical issues compete for consideration when choosing or rejecting candidates in Kansas: Massive, retroactive tax hikes (passed by Democrats), cryptic school funding tactics with flat or decreasing student outcomes (supported by Democrats) and the implosion of the healthcare industry in the state (ACA). Other issues are specific to the local economy.

High property taxes should lead the charge in Wyandotte County, but the issue gets little traction. It’s almost as if tax-abatement giveaways, backroom deals, low wages, high taxes, and the resultant high crime are just foregone conclusions in the Dotte. By all accounts, voters are okay with it. Those who don’t vote waive the right to choose for themselves, much to the delight and enrichment of state representatives for one of the poorest counties in the state.

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Kelly Voted No To Woodlands Racetrack

Wyandotte County voters who have not yet pulled the lever in the Governor’s race may want to take note that one candidate on the ticket has worked to keep the Woodlands Racetrack shuttered. 88% of all Wyandotte County voters, Democrats and Republicans alike, approved slots at the Woodlands Racetrack. So,…

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Braun Receives Unanimous Support in 5th District Election

Kansas City – Leavenworth and Wyandotte Republicans met earlier this evening for a special convention to elect a replacement to serve the remainder of retiring Senator Steve Fitzgerald’s (R-Leavenworth) term. Kevin Braun was elected by a majority of precinct committeemen and women in Kansas Senate District 5. In reaction to…

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5th District Commission Race, Wyandotte County

The Unified Government’s Board of Commission is comprised of an eleven member governing body referred to as the “Commission.” The Commission is composed of a Mayor/CEO, which is nominated at-large, and ten commission members. Eight of the commission members are nominated and elected from districts. The two at-large commission members…

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